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    ams_imageNDA15-FinalistCreated by Rebecca Davies, Carnival Interiors is about celebrating your environment. It’s about dressing up, adding character, being an individual and above all else making the place you live or work in as alive with personality as you are. For over six years Rebecca has brought interiors to life, breathing her uniquely distinctive style into each space. Be it a residential home or a commercial property, each is approached with complete originality and the passion to bring about an interior that’s as individual as the people who will spend time in it. From bohemian glamour to decadent maximalism, Rebecca’s colourful design is not about stripping back, it’s about making the absolute most of a spaces character and personality, and utilising antique & vintage pieces to ensure those who retreat to it, find it expressive, inspiring and enchanting.

    winner2010winner2011Winner of two Northern Design Awards, Rebecca’s interior design work is highly regarded by both her clients and within the design world. To experience Carnival Interiors for yourself please get in touch, we’d be thrilled to talk to you.






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